Amy Civica: Personal ChefMy philosophy is your health starts with what you eat. Everything we put into our mouths effects this paradigm. So how does a busy life allow you time to cook healthy meals? Let me into Your kitchen.  I’ll cook for you. A weeks’ worth of breakfasts you can grab and be confident you and your family are starting your mornings out right. Hardy lunches you know are freshly made and full of the right ingredients to fuel your day.

Would you like to cook if someone else prepared everything for you to just put together? Or do you prefer your dinners pre-made so you just have to heat it up. More important let’s face it; you can buy almost anything pre-made these days. But have you considered how many hands have touched your organic sliced apples, and what they put on it to make them look fresh? Let me worry about chopping the fresh items you have chosen, you focus on the fun part; mixing and eating.

I am Amy and I want to help you in your kitchen, whether I teach you some new tricks to streamline how you cook, or you use me for the rest of your life, it is my goal to help you feel great about what you and your family eat. Call for a free consultation so that I can understand your food preferences.