About the Chef

 Amy Civica: Personal ChefMeet Amy

Amy grew up on a small farm in Oregon City. Her mom grew vegetables, raised chickens, and made homemade bread. Amy, however, was never interested in learning to cook herself. Later she was blessed to marry a man who did the cooking for the family. Then they moved to Italy. All women in Italy cook and are so passionate about it that finally she couldn’t help but learn.

In her 8 years in Italy, Amy’s life slowly began to revolve around the kitchen. She was cooking 3 meals a day because the kids and men all return home for lunch. Also planting, harvesting and curing olives, tomatoes and much more. She had no choice but to learn because there were no fast foods, no premade meals and canned pasta sauce was a sacrilege. Amy evolved into a true Italian Mamma.

As her confidence grew, Amy began to teach her Italian friends some of her favorite recipes from the States. She developed efficient ways to do all of the cooking without spending all of her time in the kitchen. As much as she loved her new found passion, she also believed there is plenty of life to be lived outside of the kitchen.

Her passion manifested

Now having moved back to the States, Amy wants to share her wealth of knowledge, teaching people personally in their kitchen, just as you might find in Italy. An Italian kitchen is an amazing place of learning; a hallowed place rich in tasting and knowledge-sharing, filled with recipes you would never find in a book.

Amy understands the effort and preparation it takes to create tasty, nutritious meals for a family. She can help organize your refrigerator and pantry to ease the frustration that comes with planning, chopping, and preparing meals while maintaining a busy life-style. You can learn how to cook more efficiently and eat healthier through demonstrations and one-on-one consulting with Amy in your kitchen; or you can hire her to do the work for you. Either way your eating habits can change with Amy in your kitchen.